Stlth Loop Switch - Peppermint / Spearmint

Stlth Loop Switch - Peppermint / Spearmint

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Peppermint - Delivering a cool, burst of minty freshness with a crisp, clean finish.

Spearmint - Offering a refreshing, crisp burst of coolness with a subtly sweet undertone.
  • Flavour Intensity: 5/5
  • Sweetness Level: 5/5
  • Ice Level: 5/5

Each package contains 1 disposable vape device.
Available in 20 mg/mL nicotine strength.
Each LOOP Switch disposable holds 20 mL of e-liquid for up to 15,000 puffs.

*Need a battery Loop 2


Unless specified, Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical. Vaping products release chemicals that may harm your health.-Health Canada